Personal Injury

Jennings, Jennings & Fishman has handled hundreds of personal injury claims. We pursue claims resulting from injuries from car accidents, slips and falls, worker’s compensation and other types of claims. Your initial consultation is always free. We will evaluate your case for you and decide upon a fee arrangement with you, then let you decide whether you wish to hire us.

Below are some answers to general questions that we frequently get from clients:

How much is my case worth?
While every case is different, the value of any case depends, generally speaking, on three factors:

The first factor is liability. How clear is it that the other person is responsible for your injury? How much did your own negligence contribute to your injury?

The second factor is the nature and extent of your injuries. Pain and suffering are subjective, that is to say, everyone’s experience of pain is different. A relatively small impact can cause tremendous pain to one person, while another person might not be injured at all by what would appear to be a serious accident. Your case will have a greater value if there is documentation of your treatment and objective testing that demonstrates the extent of your injures.

Finally, if there is no insurance available and the person responsible for your injury has no assets, you may not be able to recover even if you obtain a judgment.

How long will my case take to settle?
At the outset we will explain to you, in detail, the claims process and the various possible outcomes. We will handle your case as expeditiously as possible. Chances are though, that your case will probably take longer to resolve than you might expect. At the outset we will assemble police reports, witness statements, photographs and other evidence that is helpful to your claim. Before negotiating with the insurer, however, we must wait for you to reach a medical “end result.” We also need to have assembled all of your medical information and bills. This information is then sent to the insurer with a demand figure. The insurer then evaluates your case. The insurer may then make an offer of settlement, they may also choose to deny liability or coverage, or they may request additional documentation relating to your injuries. If a settlement is not reached, we may decide to file suit.

The litigation process takes different amounts of time depending on the particular court in which your case is brought, the nature of the case, the complexity of the issues and other factors. It is a safe bet though, that the litigation process, once it has begun, will take no less than a year to conclude. However, there are often ample opportunities to settle your case along the way.

How does my lawyer get paid?
Most clients prefer a contingency fee. This is typically one third of the funds received as a result of your bodily injury claim. You would also be responsible for reasonable expenses associated with your case, such as fees for medical records, reports, court filing fees, and possibly expert witness fees. Again, we will evaluate your case for you and decide upon a fee arrangement with you before you incur any attorney’s fees.

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